HIV Research Studies

Our team at ARTCTC is committed to supporting ongoing research designed to aid in improving HIV treatment and ultimately discovering a cure. We offer our patients the opportunity to participate in various trials and studies. We collaborate with the Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute in their basic science program that is aimed at finding a cure for HIV infection. Some studies are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and are designed to evaluate the effectiveness of new medications for treatment of HIV infection. Other studies are focused on treatments for some of the complications of HIV and previous treatments. Studies vary from one visit to several visits to years of follow-up. Most require periodic laboratory tests and may also include questionnaires or other testing. There is no cost to the volunteer and some study sponsors offer some financial compensation, others do not. If you are interested in making a difference or wish to find out more about our research programs please speak to your provider or call the research department at (772) 978-9556.